What are the Simulation Training Center hours of operation?


The Simulation Training Center provides flexible hours to suit your needs. It is closed on New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. Let us know when you would like to use the center by emailing info@simulationtraining.org or calling 610-990-6119. Free parking is available.

Who will be conducting the training sessions?


Subject matter experts from medical and nursing schools, colleges, high schools, as well as paramedics, firefighters, healthcare practitioners, home healthcare practitioners, counselor educators, business professionals -- or anyone who has an interest and need to enhance the skills of their staff and learners. 

Who will manage the center operations?


The training center technology specialists will provide all the operational requirements needed to ensure the successful management of your training sessions.

How many trainees can you accommodate?


The training center can accommodate a total of 25 trainees in each of the two classrooms. The Center includes 10 flexible rooms that can be modified to suit your needs. For example, the rooms can be set up as a hospital bay area, for counseling, professional training, and so on.

What is the cost of using the Simulation Training Center?


We have a number of options that may interest you. Please contact us at info@simulationtraining.org to request more information.