Simulation Training Center Services

The Simulation Training Center features ten clinical rooms, two lecture rooms, and two control rooms in 5000 sq. ft. of flexible space. It includes a fully integrated audio-video system to capture training and debriefing sessions, a robust learning management system, clinical task trainers, high-fidelity simulators, a 3D anatomy system, an inventory system, and a check-in kiosk.

Simulation-based learning can be the answer to developing health practitioners’ knowledge, skills, and attitudes, while protecting patients from unnecessary risks. 


If space is a challenge at your facility, conduct your Advanced Life Support (ACLS and PALS), Basic Life Support (BLS), and other classes at our Simulation Training Center. 


Whether you are a small practice, hospital, or university setting, you will have access to a specialized software application for counselor training which enables role-play teaching as well as learning with actual clients. 


Trainees experience a hands-on approach to learning with the ability to review their own actions and discuss areas of competence and development.


Help your presenters set themselves apart from the competition. Use the Simulation Training Center for role-play and recorded session debriefing for constructive feedback. 

3D Anatomy

The 3D anatomy system provides more than 1,200 named labels of body parts such as blood vessels, muscles, bones, and nerves that can be displayed over the photographed cadaver images.